Hyundai H1


Passenger 12 Adults
Luggage : 2
Color : White / Black
Transmission : Automatic
Fuel Type : Petrol
Model : 2020 / 2021
Airbags : Yes
ABS : Yes
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We can say Hyundai H1 Stands for “New thinking, new possibilities”. From our valuable A Star Limousine
customer feedback in every way you can trust Hyundai H1 blindfolded. The 6-seater Multicab makes a lot of sense as a family vehicle with excellent utility space, offering what is arguably the best of both worlds. The Hyundai bus’s secret superpower is that extra seat up front, bringing the total to nine. When not in use, it can be neatly folded and used as a surface for a handbag or briefcase. This seat comes in especially handy when people prone to car sickness are on board since they will have a good view of the horizon! The competitors named in this article only have room for eight passengers. H1 is available with Automatic transmission. The most attractive features that every customer needs are Power window controls, the multi-switch panel, a Back seat tray, Sun visor, Sunglass case/map light, ECM, Cabin lamp, Cup holders, Door lamps, Seat bench tip-up, and dual door pocket. Hyundai is well-known for its safety features like a Backup warning system, With a keyless entry & burglar alarm, an Airbag system, and Disc brakes the speed of Hyundai is 145 Km/h / 90 mph. The extra torque and automatic gearbox make the going seem effortless. The Hyundai H1 special added technology advantage that helps especially long drivers is Bluelink | Connected Car Technology. It is an Artificial Intelligence-based technology, with an inbuilt SIM card and a 24×7 call center that enhances your safety, security, and convenience. It can perform a range of functions with ease.


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